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"Lack of Transparency on Amherst Central Park/ Westwood"


September 28, 2022 in #TheAmherstBee #AmherstNY @KatZeplowitz

I recently met with local residents concerned about the Westwood project and heard first hand their frustration with the lack of transparency coming from Assemblymember Karen McMahon and Supervisor Brian Kulpa. I share those concerns, especially when it comes to the recent $1 million in funding announcement from Assemblymember McMahon on a property the town does not even own yet or have a memorandum of understanding for any work to begin. It is inappropriate and a campaign ploy having a state assemblymember promise money for a project before an agreement is even in place. Will this project ever get off the ground or is it just another campaign rouse and splash in the news to gain attention with no open public plan ready to be executed? I won’t bring my child to a brownfield to play until I know how exactly the site was remediated. The public needs to know the contaminants present, along with the cost and timeline for remediation. This original land swap deal, having passed on the last day and hours of the NYS Assembly legislative session, provides me with little confidence that residents will have any open and transparent knowledge ahead of time. The costs will end up on the backs of taxpayers with little transparency on the plans as they develop. Every time the plans change on a project, especially involving park lands or greenspace, there should be a public meeting and/or an online system for residents to see the updates and voice their opinions. Assemblymember Karen McMahon and Supervisor Brian Kulpa owe residents open and honest answers about this project.

Katrina Zeplowitz Williamsville Candidate for NYS

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