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"Observations From Amherst GOP Town Chair on the Migrant Crisis"

I salute the Town of Cheektowaga Supervisor Diane Benczkowski advocating a temporary restraining order to prevent any more asylum seekers from being transferred to Cheektowaga. Supervisor Brian Kulpa and the Amherst Town Board should take the very same action at the September 5th town board meeting. Neighboring counties have come out solidly against migrants coming to those counties as we cannot afford the already high, property, sales and transfer taxes placing New York State as one of the most heavily taxed states in America. As the migrants have come to Cheektowaga and Amherst we have seen alleged rapes, a nail knifing in Amherst and a recent burglary. Amherst residents are saddled with more policing needs and costs with no apparent financial support from Albany and Washington. It is estimated that each migrant student attending the Sweet Home Schools will cost local school taxpayers about $22,000 more per year per student. Amherst taxpayers have a severe difficulty already paying some of the highest education costs in America as the migrant educational costs will further burden Sweet Home Schools' residents and taxpayers even more. Brian D. Rusk #AmherstNYGOP Chair

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