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ARC Chairman Brian D. Rusk's Message Supporting Senator Ed Rath, Katrina Zeplowitz & Steven Sams II

Amherst, NY - September 14th, 2022 - For Immediate Release

Dear Citizens of Amherst,

I truly hope you will back Ed Rath for Senate as he is a pro business, advocate for lower taxes and a man with great common sense. On the other hand, Sean Ryan endorsed an avowed socialist for Mayor of Buffalo, India Walton.

We also have a candidate for Assembly, Katrina Zeplowitz, who opposes cashless bail and a New York City agenda for Western New York.

Steve Sams for Congress is a great Veteran and Steve will oppose the Biden deficit ridden federal agenda.

Vote Republican!

Respectfully submitted by:

Brian D. Rusk

Chairman, Amherst Republican Committee

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