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"Domestic Violence Victims Need Protection." A call for action by Katrina Zeplowitz

October 12, 2022

Call a special session to protect domestic violence victims. I stand for Keaira Hudson. I stand for all domestic violence victims. The prioritization of criminals over victims turned horrific this past week. A mother was killed senselessly in front of her children. Without the necessary changes to the bail reform law, it is bound to happen again. The governor needs to call a special session immediately and correct this wrong in bail reform to protect victims, especially those from domestic violence. If there can be 24-hour waiting periods to buy a gun, there ought to be at least a 24-hour hold on crimes like assault against a family member, spouse, or partner. Domestic violence is often a crime of passion that is quick. When it escalates, there needs to be bail instated to weigh public safety. Make this special session be in honor of Keaira. I’m not looking for who gets the glory; I want change in the justice system to better protect others out there like Keaira. May her life be honored as an example of the need to protect victims in this state once again. It should not take a tragedy to do the right thing. If it takes one legislative act at a time to correct the glaring issues with bail reform, that’s why you are elected. It’s not about low level crimes that were initially advocated for, it’s the ugly stretch in policy that was not disclosed that went too far and endangers too many. Please, Gov. Hochul and our state leaders, do the right thing and act on a special session now. Katrina Zeplowitz Candidate for NYS Assembly 146th District North Long Street Williamsville

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